Shinchan and His Family

Shin-chan Nohara is a 5 year old kid.He is very naughty.There are five members in his family including him and his pet dog.He lives in Kasukabe in Japan. Shin-chan hates shimla mirch.His mother's name is Mitsy Nohara.His father's name is Hiroshi Nohara.His sister's name Himawari and his pet dog's name is Shiro. Mitsy is a houswife.She loves sleeping and shoping.She can't cook very well.Hiroshi works in a office.He loves having party with friends. Shin-chan's sister Himawari is a baby.She loves shiny things.Shiro is a white dog.The family of shin-chan is very crazy.

Shinchan and His Friends

Shin-chan studies at a kindergarten.He has four best friends.All students are his friend.His teacher's name is yushinaga. His best friends' name are Kazama,Nany,Masao,Bow-chan.